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Work from home jobs - Part 22

Proofreading jobs from home

Some of the staff planting
trees in Chatham-Kent on Earth Day.

Scribendi is the world’s leading provider of professional editing and proofreading services. Our company mission is to help writers reach their highest potential and achieve their goals. Headquartered in Chatham, Ontario, we offer a corporate culture that promotes collaboration and encourages creativity and innovation. This is your chance to join an energetic and motivated team in an inviting environment founded on flexibility and continuous learning.

As a global company, we offer two equally beneficial employment options: working at our corporate headquarters in Chatham, Ontario, or working remotely from the comfort of your home.

In-house Positions

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) seeks a Search Engine Marketing Specialist to join our marketing team. We are looking for an analytical and results-driven individual to join our young marketing team and lead paid search marketing activities.

The ideal candidate will have specific experience and success in managing online paid search campaigns for ecommerce companies. They will be intimately familiar with the most popular search platforms, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Naver, and others. They will have demonstrated the ability to work autonomously and deliver results.

If you are obsessed with conversion rates and double-digit growth and believe that everything should be measured, this job is for you.

  • Develop, execute, and manage the company’s SEM strategy, working directly with the CEO and the content marketing team
  • Analyze data, identify trends, and develop insights to achieve maximum ROAS in paid search campaigns
  • Monitor and analyze cross-channel conversion data to optimize the media mix and identify new growth opportunities
  • Manage campaign expenses, stay on budget, and estimate monthly costs, forecast revenue, and reconcile discrepancies
  • Perform ongoing paid keyword discovery, expansion, and optimization and research and analyze competitor advertising links
  • Work closely with other departments to identify high-value customer segments, tailor online marketing content, and optimize landing pages for paid search engine marketing campaigns
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 4+ years of marketing experience or experience in a quantitative, test-driven field
  • 3+ years of hands-on SEM/PPC experience and proven success managing large-scale ecommerce campaigns
  • AdWords certification
  • Proven record managing a monthly SEM budget of $30k+, focused on customer acquisition/ROAS
  • Expertise and understanding of critical SEO and PPC tools and platforms (e.g. Google AdWords and Google Analytics)
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in search engine marketing
  • Strong analytical background with extensive experience in synthesizing data into actionable results in a direct-to-consumer ecommerce environment
  • Web developer skills is a plus
  • Reading and writing Chinese is a major plus
  • Three days per week, on-site or remote, with one day/week onsite

Please apply with a resume and cover letter to scribendi (dot) hr (at) scribendi (dot) com detailing your experience in relation to the above-stated job requirements as well as your salary expectations.

Web Application Developer

We are seeking a versatile Web Application Developer to join our IT team. At , you will participate in mission critical projects and join a small group of forward-thinking software developers working in an agile environment.

You will work with cutting-edge technologies, learn how they are applied in the ecommerce sector, and collaborate extensively with stakeholders and the development team to achieve ambitious goals.

This role is for a fearless self-starter with good communication skills, work ethic, and the ability to participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. If you dream of creating software that can quickly have a real impact, this job is for you.

  • We are a small team of developers working in a profitable and rapidly growing company
  • We strive to be innovative and fast-moving and are passionate about getting things done right
  • We work collaboratively to grow and learn together
  • We are not afraid of difficult problems but carefully choose what we spend time on
  • Develop high-volume, highly available, and distributed production web applications
  • Provide technical guidance, support, and technical mentorship to other members of the software development team, including code and documentation reviews
  • Provide input on infrastructure design for highly available and scalable production applications
  • Have a minimum of three years of professional experience deploying software in production environments
  • Ability to write high-quality code that promotes reuse and readability and uses current best practices
  • Strong grasp of relational database systems, OOP, MVC web frameworks, and web application security principles
  • Have a good senseof humour
  • Act as a Technical Lead as required, including but not limited to, assisting the project lead in allocating tasks to team members and exercising initiative and sound judgment in the execution of project plans and schedules
  • Experience developing high-volume, highly available, and distributed production applications using microservices and containerization technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Have high-level knowledge of the DevOps development lifecycle and software development methodologies

Technologies we use:

  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • PHP, C#, Python, Perl, Node.js
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Redis. Doctrine
  • Twig, Smarty, Jade
  • Apache, Nginx, Linux
  • SVN, Git, Bitbucket
  • Symfony, WordPress, Bootstrap, Composer
  • Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ

Please apply with a resume and cover letter to scribendi (dot) hr (at) scribendi (dot) com detailing your experience in relation to the above-stated job requirements as well as your salary expectations.

Natural Language Processing DevOps Engineer

We are seeking a dynamic, innovative thinker who is looking for a tremendous opportunity to solve some of the language industry’s most exciting problems. You will be a key member of a small and versatile team.

If you are determined to show the world the power of natural language processing and you revel in the opportunity to execute a project from start to finish, this is the job for you!

  • We are a small team of developers working in a profitable and rapidly growing company
  • We strive to be innovative and fast-moving and are passionate about getting things done right
  • We work collaboratively to grow and learn together
  • We are not afraid of difficult problems but carefully choose what we spend time on
  • Implement automated processes to efficiently deploy deep-learning models in production
  • Collaborate with IT and software development engineers
  • Research, design, implement, and validate cutting-edge algorithms to analyze diverse sources of data to achieve targeted outcomes
  • Perform data studies of new and diverse data sources
  • Conduct modeling and experimental design
  • Test and validate predictive models
  • Design, modify, and build new data processes
  • Generate algorithms and create computer models
  • Implement new or enhanced software, designed to access and handle data more efficiently
  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer Science (or similar) with two years of industry experience in machine learning/deep learning
  • Experience in deploying deep-learning models in production
  • Experience with one or more general purpose programming language, including but not limited to Java, Lua, and Python, as well as experience with the Torch, Tensorflow, Pytorch, and Theano frameworks
  • Ability to write clear, concise, well-structured, and well-organized code
  • Strong communication skills (orally and in writing)
  • Experience with microservice architecture

Please apply with a resume and cover letter to scribendi (dot) hr (at) scribendi (dot) com detailing your experience in relation to the above-stated job requirements as well as your salary expectations.

Scribendi is committed to equal opportunity employment. If you require accommodation during the recruitment and selection process, please let us know.

Telecommute Positions


As one of our talented remote editors, you’ll have the ability to work from home while choosing the types of assignments that interest you. You can interact with both in-house and other remote staff through online forums and company newsletters and memos, and you’ll also receive free training and incentives that can be redeemed at online retailers. You won’t have any of the hassles of bidding or pitching to clients and you will have job security and be paid promptly.

Working with Scribendi requires a moderate level of computer and Internet knowledge. You need to be comfortable downloading and uploading files, attaching files to emails, saving and finding files on your computer, file transfers, renaming files, and using a website interface. You should have a good working knowledge of the major document file formats and their associated software programs. As we also sometimes get documents that misbehave, some ability to troubleshoot technical problems is helpful.

Standard Qualifications:

  • A university degree in a relevant field
  • At least three years of experience in editing, writing, document production, or language teaching
  • Native-level English ability
  • Excellent reading comprehension skills and the ability to follow written instructions and work independently
  • Be absolutely fanatical about meeting deadlines
  • An average editing/proofreading speed of 1,000-1,500 words per hour
  • Microsoft Word 2010 or later on a secure PC (not Mac) computer
  • Broadband/high-speed Internet access
  • The ability to accept payments in your own account in US dollars using . Please review PayPal’s international payment network for more details
Preferred Qualifications:
  • A graduate degree in a relevant field
  • Access to additional word processing/document production software (e.g. Star/Open Office, Word Perfect, Open Office, LaTeX, Acrobat, iWorks, Final Draft, Publisher, PageMaker)
  • In-depth knowledge of one or more style guides (e.g. Chicago Manual of Style, Turabian, APA)

Please note that applications for this position are NOT accepted by email. Please do not call or email for more information about a position or to discuss an application. Please read the Employment FAQ before applying, and please note that only applicants selected for evaluation will be contacted.

2 Common Strategies for Trading FX

  • Range trading strategy is popular for buying low and selling high
  • Trend following strategy is one of the most widely used strategies

There are many benefits to trading FX such as a tremendous amount of liquidity with low transaction costs and margin requirements. The 24 hour nature of FX trading opens the door to a variety of strategies from day trading to position trading to range trading to trend trading.

There are so many different styles and flavors of FX traders. that they truly are too many to discuss each one. For now, we’ll start off with the two strategies that are the most common. The reason they are the most common is because they are opposite of one another…range trading and trend trading.

Range trading is a simple strategy where a trader will buy a currency on sale with the expectation that the valuation will come back towards a longer term average. This strategy may also be referred to as mean reversion and is similar to value investing.

Forex Strategy: How to Trade Ranges

Forex trading strategies

Created by J. Wagner

One key to this strategy is identifying those price points that are more favorable for you. That means identifying a price level to enter where sellers stop selling and buyers are more likely to start buying. These price points are generally obtained by identifying levels of supply (resistance) and demand (support). Support and resistance levels can be easily obtained by performing technical analysis on the chart. Indicators and oscillators can help you time entries as well.

For more on how to trade ranges. check out James Stanley recent publication.

The second main strategy is trend following.

One of the most common strategies used by new and experienced traders is a trend following strategy. Trend following simply means identifying the direction prices have generally been moving, then place trades in that same direction.

Trend following is popular because strong trends tend to produce the largest results. Many times, those strong results came from moves in the direction of the preceding trend. Though there are several benefits, here are two benefits of trend trading.

Forex Strategy: Trading Strong Trends

Forex trading strategies

Created by J. Wagner

Fortunately, trading trends is simple. The ease of identifying trades is in large part why new and experienced traders utilize some form of trend analysis in their trading plan.

If you are interested in trying out trading trends, but are unsure where to start, find out which of the three ways to trade a strong forex trend fits your personality the best.

—Written by Jeremy Wagner, Head Trading Instructor, DailyFX

Follow me on Twitter at @JWagnerFXTrader.

To be added to Jeremy’s e-mail distribution list, click HERE and select SUBSCRIBE then enter in your email information.

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets.

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Foreign exchange trading was once just something that people had to do when traveling to other countries. The forex market includes every currency denomination in the world since every nation imports and exports products.
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Question: how can you keep track of all your positions and predict trends? Trading charts show you how currencies are trading against each other. These pages, and all content ©Trading Inc and other copyright holders.
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Dukascopy hold a monthly Trader Contest wherein a trader may register through Dukascopy website. Cookies are a feature of your web browser software that allows servers to recognise the computer used to access a website.
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Top 25 Data Entry Jobs from Home Online

Data Entry jobs are really great for people who are low qualified and want to work from home. Whether you are a housewife, a retired person or just a person keen to work from home, data entry jobs are the way to go.

Data Entry jobs are very diverse and a data entry worker needs to specialize in one given domain.

Data entry jobs from home

After reading this article you will get to know different types of data entry jobs and remunerations depending upon the type of work. As you know there isn’t any educational qualification required for a data entry work.

But you need to acquire certain basic skills like typing speed of 25-30 WPM, able to read Basic English and browsing internet.

25 Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs

Let us see different kinds of data entry jobs one by one. You can work on any data entry job depending upon your skills, tme

Regular Data Entry Jobs

The first category is regular data entry jobs which are very common and you need typing speed of 20 to 30 WPM at least.

1. Plain Data Entry Jobs. Plain data entry work involves typing words into MS word file. Here, apart from typing speed you also need good reading and writing skills in English.

You have to read from a PDF document and write it into a Word document.

2. Other Basic Typing Jobs: Other basic typing jobs can be working with Excel Spreadsheet. Here you just have to fill cells with data. You really do not require to know about formulas and other technical stuff.

The job is very simple and not technical at all.

3. Word Processor or Typist: Here the work is a bit more technical. You need to create letters, mailing labels, reports etc. You must have good grammar skills as well as vocabularly. You also have to work with technical stuff like creating charts, graphs and tables.

Usually you need a training for this kind of data entry work.

4. Cleaning of Data: Also known as data cleansing or data scrubbing where you detect and remove (or correct) erroneous data from a table or a database. It can be a Word File or an Excel spreadsheet.

For regular data entry jobs you get paid according to your experience and accuracy. Just check this post to find these types of data entry jobs.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Here are 2 Best online data entry jobs that you can do from home. Online form filling & paid surveys are 2 best jobs. You can subscribe to SureJob to get these types of jobs directly in your email.

5. Online Form Filling: Here you will be given online form and huge data separately. You have to enter the value from the database into each field in the online form very carefully. Here you have to pay attention so you don’t fill up wrong field with wrong data.

6. Online Surveys: You have to answer few simple questionnaires and fill up the survey forms. You can fill up a survey form in 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending upon the length of questionnaires. Companies need to know customers feedback so they ask you to fill these forms. Signup with 20 best online surveys sites here .

You can make good money with form filling & online survey data entry jobs both. If you want more similar jobs then you can check our most popular list of 14 online jobs .

Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs are relatively new compared to other forms of data entry.

7. Captcha Entry Jobs: As you know Captchas are images containing texts, number or alphanumeric data used to fill in a field given below. You have to solve hundreds of Captchas every single day. It is very simple. You can check top 10 Captcha entry sites here which provide you this opportunity.

8. Copy & Paste Jobs: Here you copy data from one file and paste it to another. Basically it will be a word document or excel spreadsheet. You don’t have to type much but you have to read a lot hence knowledge of English is important.

9. Captioning: Captioning is more advanced because here you write headings and captions for news headline or an image. This job is required by media industry like News channel. Captioning jobs are very rare to find.

Micro Jobs like Captcha solving is not well paid. So don’t take it if you want to be a serious data entry worker.

Formatting Jobs

Formatting jobs are also considered as data entry work but here you type less and format more.

10. Re Formatting and Correction: Normally formatting jobs include formatting a word document like aligning paragraphs, indentation, fonts etc. You also have to format a long form which contains various fields like Name, Email ID, Address, Phone No etc.

Here typing work is less but you need to know every rule about formatting.

11. Formatting and Editing Job. Here you have to have good knowledge of English because you will not only correct spelling mistakes but also grammar. You also need editing skills in which you have to reformat an entire document.

Formatting jobs are more about knowledge of English and grammar over typing skills.

Converting Files

Converting Files from one form to another is just like regular data entry jobs but with a difference. Here you have to convert an image or audio file into a Word document.

12. Image to Text: You will be given an image which is a screenshot containing written paragraphs. You have to read from images and write it down on a Word document. One thing you need to remember is the words are not simple English but difficult medical terminology that you haven’t heard before.

13. Audio to Text: You will listen an audio and reproduce it into a text format. Audio to text data entry job is bit advance because you need really great listening skills hence not for everyone. Moreover, your English must be really great so you can understand every single word.

For beginners, I recommend image to text data entry work. Here you earn more than regular data entry work.

Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs are one of the most difficult form of data entry jobs.

14. Medical Transcriptionist: The most common transcription job is medical transcriptionist. Here you listen recorded audio files and write it down word by word in a word document. Here you have to be familiar with advanced medical terminology. You also must have great listening and shorthand writing skills.

15. Medical Coding: Medical coding is bit different than transcription job. Medical coding is transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services into alphanumeric codes. This type of job is very rare.

Medical Transcriptionist job is highly paid among all other forms of data entry jobs.

Misc Online Jobs

Online data entry jobs are bunch of jobs that are dedicated to Internet.

16. Capturing of Online Data: You have to capture data from various internet publications such as e magazines and eBooks. Here you need good English skills.

17. Email Processing: Here you process hundreds of emails daily to find out their content and make a list in an Excel spreadsheet. You must be able to process thousands of email and categorize it. It is more than regular typing.

18. Updating Database: Here you update existing database and create new ones online. These database contains various fields like Name, Phone no, email ID, address etc for various industries.

Misc Online data entry jobs are part time jobs.

Data Entry Keyer

Here you generally enter data into a software like CRM. Following are Data Entry Keyer jobs.

19. Catalog Data Entry Operator: Catalog Data entry operator read from database and fill into online or offline software. You enter various fields like product name, code no, expiry date, price etc.

20. Payroll Data Entry Operator. This is very common data entry keyer job. Here you enter the employee name, payment details, allowances etc.

21. Entering Data into Web Based System: Here you enter data into a web based system from different kinds of product catalogues. You have to read documents pertaining to legal departments or insurance claims and write it down into a word document or an excel spreadsheet.

You can also be asked to enter automobile registration number, owner’s name, contact details etc.

Data Entry Keyer jobs are mainly offline rather online.

Data Entry Clerks

Data entry clerks are also quite similar to the Data Entry Keyer’s job. Here are two examples of data entry clerk’s job.

22. Hospitals: You enter details like patient notes, hospital records, accident reports etc into an Excel spreadsheet or particular software present on the LAN.

23. Municipal: Here you enter into municipal records details like birth records, legal documents, town records etc.

This type of data entry work is offline and full time from 9 to 5.

Writing Jobs

Writing jobs are exactly not similar to data entry work but they are kind of data entry job. But here you don’t type blindly.

24. Content Writing: You can write content for various sites and bloggers. You need to write article of various length and submit it to the blogger or site owner.

25. Copywriting: Similarly copywriting is about writing ads.

The difference between other data entry jobs and writing jobs is writing is more creative and you need to have some experience in writing.

Extra Customized Data Entry Jobs

Finally there are many customized data entry jobs where you have to work according to the training given by your hirer. You will be trained for a particular type of work and asked to enter data likewise.

Such jobs are available offline where you have to go out of home and work.

Hence you can choose any one of above mentioned data entry jobs and specialize in it.

How to Trade Forex

The trading of equities, futures, bonds or currencies requires proficiency in many unique skills and disciplines. When asked how to survive in the world of trading, legendary trader and billionaire fund manager Paul Tudor Jones answered succinctly, “You adapt, evolve, compete or die.” 1) Retrieved 27 April 2016 Although a bit dramatic, Jones’s quote is spot on. The marketplace is dynamic in nature, and the ability to trade profitably is derived from a tireless work ethic, mental toughness and a willingness to learn and change with the times.

The foreign exchange market, known as forex (FX), is an over-the-counter market where international currencies are bought and sold. With a daily traded volume near US$4 trillion, forex is the largest marketplace in the world. 2) Retrieved 27 April 2016 In comparison, for the entire month of March 2016, the New York Stock Exchange posted an aggregate traded volume of US$1.5 billion. 3) Retrieved 27 April 2016 participants are as diverse as the currencies they trade. Commercial banks, multinational corporations, central banking authorities and individual investors are active players in the market. 4) Retrieved 27 April 2016 Whether a country’s central bank is actively managing inflationary concerns facing the national currency or an individual retail trader is looking to profit from an arbitrage situation, the goal of forex trading is to capitalise on exchange-rate fluctuations.

Trading forex varies a bit from trading stocks or futures, but the overall principles of profiting, or losing, from an actual trade are the same. Buy low and sell high; or in the case of shorting, sell high and buy low.

Forex Basics

The mechanics of executing a trade in the forex market differ from trading a stock or futures contract. Forex currencies are traded in pairs, or pairings. When you buy a stock, you then own that individual stock; the value of the trade is dependent upon the behaviour of that stock’s price alone. In contrast, the value of a forex trade is based upon the relation of one currency to another.

Currency Pairings

Currencies available for trade in the forex market are listed in pairs, with one currency being quoted in reference to another. For instance, the currency pairing of the euro to the United States dollar is represented by the expression “EUR/USD.” The first currency listed in the pair is known as the “base currency.” The value of the base currency is always one, and serves as the reference point for the exchange rate valuation. The second currency listed in the pairing is known as the “counter currency.” For the EUR/USD pair, the base currency is EUR, and the counter currency is USD.

To simplify identification, each currency has been given an International Standards Organisation (ISO) code. In this case, the ISO codes are EUR for the euro and USD for the United States dollar.

The numeric value of EUR/USD represents how many US dollars one euro is currently worth. Say EUR/USD is valued at 1.1319. In this instance, €1 is worth US$1.13.

Similar to a “tick” in futures trading or a “point” in stock trading, a “pip ” is the basic unit by which forex pricing fluctuations are measured. The term is an acronym for “percentage in point.”

The EUR/USD valuation of 1.1319 is said to have moved one pip if value rises to 1.1320 or falls to 1.1318. Essentially, one pip is equal to 1/10,000th of one unit, and resides in the fourth decimal place. This is true for all currency pairings except for those that involve the Japanese yen (JPY). Its pips are denominated by 1/100th of one unit, and can be found in the second place to the right of the decimal point.

How to trade forex

Bid/Ask Spread

Commissions and fees charged for trade execution are a constant in trading atmospheres, as is having a “bid/ask spread” built into the pricing structure. The “bid/ask spread,” or simply “spread,” is one method by which forex dealers earn commissions from a trader’s action in the market.

In terms of forex, a “bid” is the price at which another trader, broker or market maker is currently willing to buy a specific currency pair. The “ask” is the price at which another trader, broker or market maker is currently willing to sell the same currency pair. The “spread” is the difference between the “bid” and “ask” price. For example, a listing of EUR/USD dated April 28, 2016, was expressed as 1.13305/1.13308. The bid price for this quote was 1.13305, while the ask was 1.13308. Accordingly, the spread was .00003, or .3 pips. In the event that a trader wanted to instantly buy and sell EUR/USD. 3 pips is the price paid to the market.

The size of the bid/ask spread is dependent upon several factors. The specific forex dealer, trading volume and the currency pairing actively traded can affect the size of the bid/ask spread. In addition to the spread, it is not uncommon for other transactional fees to be passed on to the trader by the broker.

In terms of transaction costs and trader profitability, the lower the better. It is up to the individual trader to decide which spread and fee structure is most conducive to sustaining a profitable trading operation.

Trade Mechanics

To execute a trade a trader must make decisions concerning the type of trade, entry order and amount of leverage to employ. Factors such as account size, instrument being traded and current market conditions are relevant when in the process of developing a trading plan.

Long Or Short?

The art of trading often boils down to one single question: Buy or sell? In trading forex, unless liquidity risk is high, opportunities to buy or sell a specific currency pair at any given time are generally readily available. A trader may desire to be “long” or “short,” depending on market conditions.

A long position, or “going long,” refers to the trader placing a buy order. For instance, if a trader likes the probability of EUR/USD rising in the future, then a buy order can be placed. After entry, the trader is said to be “long the EUR/USD.” In a long position, profit is realised from the appreciation of the price and loss results if the price goes down. If the rate of EUR/USD moves from an entry of 1.1330 to a price of 1.1335, then a profit of five pips is recognised on the trade. If the rate of EUR/USD moves from an entry of 1.1330 to a price of 1.1325, then a loss of five pips is recognised on the trade.

Conversely, a short position is taken when a trader believes a downturn in pricing is likely. Instead of placing a buy order on the EUR/USD, the trader places a sell order and is “short the EUR/USD.” In a short position, profit is realised from depreciation of the exchange rate. Loss occurs if the price appreciates. If the rate of EUR/USD moves downward from an entry of 1.1335 to 1.1330, a profit of five pips on the trade is recognised. If the rate of EUR/USD moves upward from an entry of 1.1335 to 1.1340, a loss of five pips on the trade is recognised.

Order Types

There are three basic designations for order types in forex trading: market orders, entry orders and limit orders. Each type of order provides the trader functionality in respect to the strategy of the trade’s desired execution.

  • Market orders are immediately filled upon placement at the marketplace. When a trader places a trade using a market order, the order is filled at the best available market price. Essentially, the trader is immediately buying or selling into the market. In volatile market conditions, using market orders for a trade’s entry into the marketplace can be risky. Substantial slippage can be realised, with the filled order price varying greatly from the initial market order price.
  • Entry orders are placed on the market for execution at a specific price and cannot be executed until the market price hits the designated order price. For instance, if a trader desires a long position in EUR/USD from 1.1330, and EUR/USD is currently trading 1.1325, the entry order remains in queue at the market until EUR/USD trades 1.1330. If EUR/USD does not trade 1.1330, then the entry order is not filled and the trade is not elected. Entry orders are ideal for traders who want to reduce slippage and desire a specific entry point.
  • Limit orders come in two varieties: profit targets and stop losses. A profit target is a limit order that is used to harvest profits. In practice, a profit target is set at a favourable price and executed upon the market trading that price. Conversely, stop-loss orders are used to limit the liability of a trade. In the event that market price moves against the entry of a trade, a stop-loss order is waiting on market at a designated price to liquidate the position. The implementation of a stop-loss order is crucial to the protection of a trading account’s equity.

Lot Size: Applying Leverage

In forex trading, leverage. or trade size, is measured in “lots.” A “lot” is the smallest possible trade size that can be made on a customer account.

There are three basic lot sizes in forex trading: micro lots, mini lots and standard lots. Each lot size represents a different amount of leverage to place upon the funds in a trading account.

  • A micro lot is the smallest lot value. One micro lot represents 1,000 units of capital in the trading account. In the case of an account funded by USD and the desired trade involves a USD-based pair, a trade size of one micro lot applies a small amount of leverage to the trade. For the trade, each pip is equal to US$0.10.
  • A mini lot represents 10,000 units of capital in the trading account. Given an identical scenario as above, a trade of one mini lot on a USD-based pair yields a pip value of US$1. The leverage placed on the trade is 10 times that of the micro lot.
  • A standard lot is the largest lot size. One standard lot increases leverage tenfold over one mini lot, accounting for 100,000 units of capital. Assuming a USD account and trade denomination, a trade size of one standard lot renders a US$10 pip value.

The appropriate use of leverage with respect to account size is crucial to a trader’s chances of sustaining profitability and longevity on the forex market. A good rule of thumb regarding the use of leverage is the use less than 10-to-1 leverage.

Leverage is a double-edged sword as it can dramatically amplify your profits and can also just as dramatically amplify your losses. Trading foreign exchange with any level of leverage is high risk and may not be suitable for all investors as losses can exceed deposited funds.

Trade Execution: Realising Profit Or Loss

After the broker has been selected, risk parameters defined and market information assimilated, it is time to place the trade. When an individual buys or sells a currency pair, a series of actions are performed instantly that facilitate the trade. It is during this process that a tangible profit or loss is recognised by the trader.

For example, a trader wishes to open a long position of one mini lot at market in EUR/USD. A limit order is set for the profit target at 100 pips, and a stop loss is placed at -50 pips. The EUR/USD market is currently trading 1.1330.

Upon the market order for one mini lot (units of 10,000) at 1.1330 being filled, the following sequence of actions takes place:

  1. The trader purchases euros and simultaneously sells dollars.
  2. The forex broker issues the trader a loan on margin for US$11,330, and converts the funds into €10,000.
  3. According to the chosen leverage of one mini lot, one pip is now equal to US$1 of the trader’s account value.
  4. In the event that the trade is profitable, and the profit target of +100 pips is hit at 1.1430, the euros are sold and the margin loan of US$11,330 is paid back. The remaining 100 pips are a realised profit to the trading account of US$100.
  5. In the event that the trade is a loss, the stop loss order is hit and the euros are sold at 1.1280. The proceeds of US$11,280 are allocated to the repayment of the US$11,330 margin loan. The result of the trade is -50 pips and a loss to the trading account of US$50.
  6. Slippage is already factored into the realised profit or loss. Commissions and fees need to be factored in separately.

Each step of the trade execution process is an integral part of trading currency pairings. Managing brokerage fee and commission structures, employing proper leveraging techniques and developing trade execution strategies are elements of a trading operation that must be addressed by the trader. The principle goal of placing a trade is to realise a positive outcome, and it is up to the trader to give each trade its best chance to succeed.

Trading forex/CFD’s on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors as you could sustain losses in excess of deposits. Leverage can work against you. Be aware and fully understand all risks associated with the market and trading. Prior to trading any products offered by Forex Capital Markets Limited. inclusive of all EU branches, FXCM Australia Pty. Limited. any affiliates of aforementioned firms, or other firms within the FXCM group of companies [collectively the “FXCM Group”], carefully consider your financial situation and experience level. If you decide to trade products offered by FXCM Australia Pty. Limited (“FXCM AU”) (AFSL 309763), you must read and understand the Financial Services Guide. Product Disclosure Statement. and Terms of Business. The FXCM Group may provide general commentary which is not intended as investment advice and must not be construed as such. Seek advice from a separate financial advisor. The FXCM Group assumes no liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions; does not warrant the accuracy, completeness of information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials. Read and understand the Terms and Conditions on the FXCM Group’s websites prior to taking further action.

The FXCM Group is headquartered at 55 Water Street, 50th Floor, New York, NY 10041 USA. Forex Capital Markets Limited (“FXCM LTD”) is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration number 217689. Registered in England and Wales with Companies House company number 04072877. FXCM Australia Pty. Limited (“FXCM AU”) is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, AFSL 309763. FXCM AU ACN: 121934432. FXCM Markets Limited (“FXCM Markets”) is an operating subsidiary within the FXCM Group. FXCM Markets is not regulated and not subject to the regulatory oversight that govern other FXCM Group entities, which includes but is not limited to, Financial Conduct Authority, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. FXCM Global Services, LLC is an operating subsidiary within the FXCM Group. FXCM Global Services, LLC is not regulated and not subject to regulatory oversight.

Past Performance: Past Performance is not an indicator of future results.

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  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Bulgarian
  • Canada
  • Danish
  • English
  • Filipino
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Indonesia
  • Italian
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • USA

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31 Legitimate – Profitable Home Based Business Ideas (for 2017)

Home > Business & Entrepreneurship > 31 Legitimate & Profitable Home Based Business Ideas (for 2017)

Work from home businessWork from home business With an increasing desire for many to escape the rat race and work from home, many people are trying to start a home-based business.

Working from home not only offers independence and freedom but there are also some great home-based business tax deductions as well.

As I sit and write this, I am reminded of the years I spent in jobs that I didn’t like and am now so thankful that I get to work from home and do something I love.

If you are longing for that situation, I encourage you to work to figure out what it is that you would love to be doing and keep at it until you reach that goal.

For my business (blogging here at SeedTime) it took a long time before I started making any money blogging. let alone enough to pay the bills each month. I didn’t really know anything when I started and still feel like I do a whole lot more wrong than right, but the one thing I have had going for me is that I have been persistent.

Great ideas and business degrees only go so far. It is persistence and determination that, I believe, are the true sources of success for most businesses.

I put together a list of legitimate home-based business opportunities below.

But they are just ideas – hopefully they will spark some inspiration, but you have to apply all the diligence and hard work to turn it into something.

Starting a Home-Based Business

Even though I wasn’t making very much at the time, when I got laid off in 2008 I was very happy that I had started a side business that was another source of income. Even if you don’t have aspirations of working full-time from home, having a little supplemental income would be nice – wouldn’t it?

Below are a bunch of home-based business ideas that you can peruse to see if any would work for you.

Oh, and also as an aside, I am defining a home-based business as one that can be run from home, not necessarily a business that you would work from home all the time.

Top Home-Based Business Ideas

1 Turn your blog into a business

I guess we should start with the one that I am MOST familiar with. I have been making a full-time living blogging for almost 10 years now, and it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can definitely make you some money.

Work from home businessWork from home business If you are interested I am hosting a FREE 45-minute online workshop where I teach the 3 most important keys to making a full-time living blogging .

Additionally, I actually wrote a short book that explains how I replaced my day-job with my blog – and even though it sells for $5 on Amazon, you can get it FREE here .

The book covers the basics of getting started as well as how to get traffic and how to earn from it as well.

2 Sell a product online

A friend of mine had a baby and didn’t like the style/design of any of the baby products at the stores, so she started making her own. After getting some compliments, she realized that she could turn her idea into a business that she could run from home (with the babies).

She just created an online store and sold all of her products via her website. If you aren’t creating your own product you can always find a product to dropship – that way you don’t have to store any inventory in your home.

3 Start a woodworking business

Do you love woodworking? Even without a huge workshop, you can create some of the more popular crafts and sell them. And like most things, your success in business isn’t necessarily related to how skilled you are as a woodworker. So if you can figure out which products consumers want and just create those, you could have a good business plan. and farmers’ markets are a great place to start selling.

4 Driving for Uber

Work from home businessWork from home business So, have you ever thought to drive for Uber ?

Depending on your city you can make over $20/hour all while having 100% control of your schedule.

If you don’t know what Uber is, basically it is the 21st century version of the taxi. You just use your own car and when someone near you wants a ride you get a notification on your phone (assuming you selected that you were available in the app) you go pick them up and drop them off where they want to go and then you automatically get paid.

5 Freelance writing

Since I started blogging, I have seen the freelance market explode. There is a huge demand for content and so there are a lot of ways to make money writing it. Jonathan wrote a great article about a few legitimate work from home jobs – most of which were freelance writing.

6 Goodwill/Garage sale reseller

There are a lot of items that can be purchased very inexpensively at garage sales or thrift stores and sold for higher prices elsewhere. A few years ago I discovered that I could purchase good hardcover books at my local thrift shop for $1 or less. I realized that some of them could be sold on for $15-$20, which turns out to be a pretty decent profit. Find and sell enough items and you have a fun home business.

7 Build Websites for Small Businesses

I feel like I have people ask me to build them a website all the time. If you can just learn how to use WordPress you can be off to the races with a business like this.

8 Ebay Business

Several years ago I started an Ebay business kind of as an experiment, just to see if it were something I could do if I needed cash.

I wrote step-by-step instructions about starting an Ebay business if you are interested. Ebay is a pretty crowded market, but it still is one of the most popular home-based businesses.

9 Home Inspector

This one will require certification, find out more about getting certified here .

10 Real Estate Agent

This one isn’t technically a home-based business, but with the flexibility it allows you would be able to likely do a lot of work from home. Find out about getting your real estate license .

11 Tutoring Students

What subjects do you have a good working knowledge of? Math, Science, History, Baseball, Soccer? Parents will often pay to see Johnnie or Sally excel at _______. If you can help, then it sounds like a business.

12 Start a Christmas Light Hanging business

If you aren’t afraid of heights and can handle being out in the cold, this is a pretty great business opp. Some people earn a full-year’s salary just hanging lights for 2 months each year.

13 Car Mechanic

Do you know how difficult it is to find a good and trustworthy mechanic? Maybe it is just me, but I feel like I have had way too many experiences with mechanics not be truthful with me that I would gladly pay more and give all my business to an honest one. If you know your way around a car and have a few tools, this could be a great business idea for you.

14 Mobile Oil Changes

Building off the previous idea, what if you offered a service where you came to the customer’s house and changed the oil in the street? I would pay to do that – and would be willing to pay more since I didn’t even have to do anything but make a phone call.

15 Rent out your home on AirBNB

Work from home businessWork from home business

AirBNB is a site that allows you to rent out your home to other people who may just want to visit where you live.

You can rent it out as little or as much as you want and can list it to rent by the night, week, or month. They offer a $1,000,000 guarantee to protect you from any kind of property damage that was caused by renters.

They also have a renter rating system, so you can choose whether or not you want to rent it out to a particular renter.

If you have a spare bedroom or guesthouse, it could be a great way to turn it into some easy money.

16 Wedding Planning

Isn’t this every girls dream? People will always be getting married, so in theory they will always need wedding planners. If you love all-things-weddings and can handle the pressure from the brides, this might be a fun one.

17 Medical claims billing

This industry is one of the most popular work-from-home businesses. You can find training courses online at places like

18 Start a Daycare

If you love kids and are uniquely gifted with a lot of patience, you could always start a home-based daycare.

19 Handy-man service

If you are handy, there are lots of little old ladies who are willing to pay someone to do odd jobs around the house. There are even franchise opportunities available with certain companies.

20 Lawn Care

Don’t forget good ‘ol lawncare or landscaping. As we become more and more acquainted to the air-conditioned lifestyle more people are going to want to pay someone to do landscaping. If you like to sweat this one may be for you.

21 Photography

Because I am just a little bit techie, I get asked to video record weddings all the time. If video or photography are up your alley, starting a wedding photography business could be a great idea for you. If doing weddings aren’t your thing, there are other ways you can make money as a photographer as well.

22 Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are just like a secretary in another part of the world. This industry is growing very quickly. Check this out to find out more about being a virtual assistant. For opportunities, go to this site and search for “virtual assistant”.

23 Window Cleaning Business

A lot of businesses (and homeowners) need windows cleaned. If you are not afraid of heights, cleaning windows could be a decent side or full-time gig.

24Litter Removal Business

One of our readers sent this suggestion in and it looks like a great home business opportunity, especially if keeping your community clean is important to you! Check out Cleanlots to learn more!

25 Candle-making

A few years ago I started making my own beeswax candles – because they were so stinking expensive to buy. In the process of learning, I found that there are a lot of people who use candle-making as a home business. You can sell to your products online at places like or .

26 Massage Therapy

“The massage therapy business has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last decade, tripling in volume. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, it should grow by an additional 20% through 2016, meaning this home business has strong potential for growth. And, because all in-home massage services are necessarily local in nature, it’s work that can’t be outsourced to another country.”

27 Clean Business Offices

A lot of small businesses need people to clean their offices and this is a business that you can start with a very small investment. For more information check out this guide (I haven’t tried).

28 Professional Pooper Scooper

Maybe not the most glamorous work, but in recent years I have seen many dog waste removal companies pop up, so there must be some money to be made.

29 Senior Care Services

More and more seniors are wanting to avoid nursing homes in lieu of staying in their own homes. Offering non-medical home care by assisting the elderly with regular daily tasks could be rewarding and profitable.

30 House Cleaning

I have known a few women carved out a flexible home-based business by cleaning homes. You probably already have the skills you need, now you just need to get the word out.

31 Teach English (or other Language) Classes Online

Did you know that English speakers are in high demand in Asia? As a result many are turning to freelance English teachers using websites like . The site is basically a virtual online classroom for freelance teachers and students. Anyone can offer lessons (and set their own price) and anyone can take lessons.

From a quick scan, it looks like making $15-20/hour is a fair expectation.

Need more home-based business ideas?

Here are a few more articles with even more ideas and opportunities…

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Good ideas, I like numbers 2, 3, and 6 personally. I think in addition to persistence and determination, creating a successful home-based business also takes courage. It can be a scary proposition to quit your day job to go it alone. I always admire people who make this move, and I think that in general they are all the more happy for it. There is not doubt, though, that you have to go for it 100% in order to make it happen!

Bob, thanks for the reminder that it takes lots of persistence and determination to build a good blog. I definitely agree that it takes much mental energy.

But you really still feel like you’re doing more wrong than right? I find that interesting…

Darren the more I learn, the more I realize that I have so much to learn. At the beginning I knew I had a lot to learn, and I have learned a lot, but as I have moved further along my eyes have been opened to things that I couldn’t understand at the beginning. Anyway, it is a good thing that there is always room to grow.

Any ideas for me? Am disabled physically/mentally …I had a side job stuffing envelopes..My boss was so thrilled with me and my partner he fired a bunch of workers as we could pull off the bulk of his work!…We got paid well when the economy went upside down we noticed our pay decreased but still made enough to pay 3 house bills. Since about 6 months ago my boss I think lost his house …I remeber his last visit he was so stressed saying he almost had 2 foreclose emergencies:(
This is a man who on our first envelope job bought us our furnace gas heater by paying us upfront half the money he would have topay when the job was done. He was so concerned we had no heat he paid us before we even started writing out the envelopes…I felt so bad to see when I called him 2 months ago someone answered it but was not him or his family. I fear he lost his home:( If he hasn’t we would still be in the back of his mind for envelope work knowing we are his people to get the job done.
I have done approximately over 7 thousand envelopes for one job in less than a month…thats with writing the addresses on envelopes folding the car ads and sealing them and placing them by zip code into mail buckets.
Well I am in tears I cannot find any more work like this and tho this was a legit man and not off the internet I am sure that someone somewhere would love to have me do their work for them.
Not only do I enjoy it but my handwriting is superb and every name on list is done no cheating and my partner too was having a good time doing them.
I have searched the internet for such a job and all I see are scams and this kind of work is my best asset…Not only am I productive and accurate but it is a fun job and one I can handle well.
Can you recommend anyone that would be interested in me …I work with my hubby side by side doing these envelopes and we never let anyone down. The pay is cheap but because we both are so good at it and want to do it we never complain because by the time we are done with the job we have done so many it pays well enough for us.
I would really llove some input on this Unfortunately I cannot do any physical labor that requires a lot but i have sat for up 24/7 doing these envelopes on occasion and it was well worth my time even when my back and body gave out I would go take my breaks and back to it!
Sincerely Donna Brummer…. [email protected] ….Lake City Florida
This good Christian Woman is desperate for more stuffing envelope work to help pay our bills again.

This is Tim Ferris doctrine here. Find a niche, find 1,000 passionate customers, and boom, you can get it done from anywhere in the world. Location-independent. That is why, me, personally, I dig the e-commmerce oriented sites. That’s just me though.

One of the easier ways to start a business is by consulting/freelancing, since a consulting business has:
–>low start-up costs,
–>flexible hours,
–>high hourly pay rate, and
–>you likely already have the expertise to get started.

I’ve found that fear often stops aspiring consultants from starting a consulting business–or any business–and on my blog, I talk about how to overcome those fears. I also talk about practical, concrete things you can do to start and run a successful consulting business, along with tools, tips, tricks, and techniques for automating your business and keeping costs to a minimum. The info I give is applicable to most other types of businesses as well.

One of the neat things about becoming a consultant is that you DON’T need a pile of cash to start a consulting business. For example, you can create a professional website for under $100–typically in an evening (I have a free ebook that shows you exactly how to do this, even if you’re not a techie).

I started my consulting business over 4 years ago as a part-time way to make extra cash, and it’s grown into my full-time endeavor, where I’ve quadrupled my income, and have much more flexibility. My wife no longer has to work, and we’ve both been able to be involved in our kids school–which neither of us could do when we were employees.

November 12, 2011

What is Forex

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion. All the world’s combined stock markets don’t even come close to this. But what does that mean to you? Take a closer look at forex trading and you may find some exciting trading opportunities unavailable with other investments.


If you’ve ever traveled overseas, you’ve made a forex transaction. Take a trip to France and you convert your pounds into euros. When you do this, the forex exchange rate between the two currencies—based on supply and demand—determines how many euros you get for your pounds. And the exchange rate fluctuates continuously.

A single pound on Monday could get you 1.19 euros. On Tuesday, 1.20 euros. This tiny change may not seem like a big deal. But think of it on a bigger scale. A large international company may need to pay overseas employees. Imagine what that could do to the bottom line if, like in the example above, simply exchanging one currency for another costs you more depending on when you do it? These few pennies add up quickly. In both cases, you—as a traveler or a business owner—may want to hold your money until the forex exchange rate is more favorable.


Just like stocks, you can trade currency based on what you think its value is (or where it’s headed). But the big difference with forex is that you can trade up or down just as easily. If you think a currency will increase in value, you can buy it. If you think it will decrease, you can sell it. With a market this large, finding a buyer when you’re selling and a seller when you’re buying is much easier than in in other markets. Maybe you hear on the news that China is devaluing its currency to draw more foreign business into its country. If you think that trend will continue, you could make a forex trade by selling the Chinese currency against another currency, say, the US dollar. The more the Chinese currency devalues against the US dollar, the higher your profits. If the Chinese currency increases in value while you have your sell position open, then your losses increase and you want to get out of the trade.

Past Performance: Past Performance is not an indicator of future results.


What is forex trading

You have an opinion. Now what? Open your free forex demo platform and trade your opinion.

All forex trades involve two currencies because you’re betting on the value of a currency against another. Think of EUR/USD, the most-traded currency pair in the world. EUR, the first currency in the pair, is the base, and USD, the second, is the counter. When you see a price quoted on your platform, that price is how much one euro is worth in US dollars. You always see two prices because one is the buy price and one is the sell. The difference between the two is the spread. When you click buy or sell, you are buying or selling the first currency in the pair.

Let’s say you think the euro will increase in value against the US dollar. Your pair is EUR/USD. Since the euro is first, and you think it will go up, you buy EUR/USD. If you think the euro will drop in value against the US dollar, you sell EUR/USD.

If the EUR/USD buy price is 0.70644 and the sell price is 0.70640, then the spread is 0.4 pips. If the trade moves in your favor (or against you), then, once you cover the spread, you could make a profit (or loss) on your trade.


If prices are quoted to the hundredths of cents, how can you see any significant return on your investment when you trade forex? The answer is leverage.

When you trade forex, you’re effectively borrowing the first currency in the pair to buy or sell the second currency. With a US$5-trillion-a-day market, the liquidity is so deep that liquidity providers—the big banks, basically—allow you to trade with leverage. To trade with leverage, you simply set aside the required margin for your trade size. If you’re trading 200:1 leverage, for example, you can trade £2,000 in the market while only setting aside £10 in margin in your trading account. For 50:1 leverage, the same trade size would still only require about £40 in margin. This gives you much more exposure, while keeping your capital investment down.

But leverage doesn’t just increase your profit potential. It can also increase your losses, which can exceed deposited funds. When you’re new to forex, you should always start trading small with lower leverage ratios, until you feel comfortable in the market.

Why Trade With FXCM?

Because we’re a leading forex provider around the world, when you trade with FXCM, you open access to benefits only a top broker can provide. You enjoy:

  • Award-Winning Customer Service: Get 24/7 service when you need it, wherever you are
  • Acclaimed Execution: Our innovative No Dealing Desk model offers competitive spreads and anonymous execution
  • Free Premier Education: With on-demand lessons, webinars and real-time instruction, you get the trading edge you need

Plus, you can trade on our proprietary Trading Station, one of the most innovative trading platforms in the market. Open a free forex demo account to start practicing forex trading today.

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Trade With FXCM

High Risk Investment Warning: Trading foreign exchange and/or contracts for differences on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss in excess of your deposited funds. Before deciding to trade the products offered by FXCM you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and level of experience. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin. FXCM provides general advice that does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. The content of this Website must not be construed as personal advice. FXCM recommends you seek advice from a separate financial advisor.

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The Best Binary Options Brokers – Trading Platforms We Reviewed

There are hundreds of binary options brokers online at the moment. Every day, thousands of traders are trying to get relevant and objective information about binary options brokers, before they decide to deposit their money with them. Fair Binary Options was created to help customers with this task. In the list below, there are many binary brokers we have reviewed in recent years. Take the time to research our list of regulated brokers!

Most Trusted Broker

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Best for beginners

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Get the best start in Binary


Read Review

Claim your $50 Cashback

Get Free

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In our best binary options brokers section, you will only find the most reliable and trustworthy binary brokers online. You can always trust that we have thoroughly reviewed brokers on our whitelist and that we will help you if you have any questions or in the rare event you experience any issues with our partners. These brokers will enable you the best binary options trading experience in our opinion. We have decided only to promote regulated binary options brands as unregulated binary brokers are often scams and are less safe.

Choosing the Best Broker

There are various other reasons traders should read our best binary options broker reviews before selecting a broker. Our reviews of top binary options brokers will list their most important features and present often hidden info from the terms and conditions agreement. We think it is important to list these details so traders are in the know, some of the information Fair Binary Options reviews provide are

  • regulated: we promote only regulated brokers whose business models and marketing practices are checked by relevant government authorities.
  • special features. here we list all the important features that a broker offers. These are usually listed as perks offered trough various account types which bring different levels of service, depending on the minimum funds deposited
  • bonuses. almost every broker offers these rewards that increase trading potential. Fair Binary Options also lists terms and conditions that come with the bonus money so traders always know how will these affect their trading efficiency.
  • the best binary trading platforms reviewed. we review the software that makes trading possible. There are several big providers, such as SpotOption. TechFinancials, Tradologic, MarketsPuls… Every software has some special characteristics, and not every software is suited for every trader
  • assets. Fair Binary Options review provides basic info on the amount of assets available for trading
  • customer support. we chat with the customer support to test how the broker has set up the help desk that should support traders. This is the best way to assess the service.
  • payments. we list all the payment options available by the broker, list minimum deposit requirement
  • withdrawals. we warn traders if withdrawal requirements are too high, or if it takes a long time to get the money back.

Fair Binary Options is the best place to find all about the best binary options brokers and we have put a lot of effort into tracking the changes in the industry that can affect traders directly and indirectly. As mentioned previously, the reviews you read will definitely differ from one place to another. You will find various websites like ours that are responsible for evaluating online brokers and will recommend you which broker to trade with. We believe we do the best job of protecting the customers.

Keep in mind that finding a credible online broker will save you a lot of time and money. The last thing you want is your money being stolen just because you didn’t take your time to do your homework. Following these tips will ensure that your trading process will go as smoothly as possible.

Top Binary Options Brokers – FBO Awards

Binary options trading platformFair Binary Options Awards honor the best in the industry. There are many categories and we give them only to brokers which have consistently performed well without complaints or with minor complaints that were resolved in customers’ favor. See the winners of 2016 FBO Awards .

Secure Binary Broker Certificate

Fair Binary Options Secure Binary Broker Certificate is the seal we give out to brokers that have consistently outperformed the market. These brokers have provided excellent service to traders trough the years without meaningful complaints or serious accusations. Based on their brand and previous experience in dealing with them, Fair Binary Options awards this certificate to highlight brokers that provide a good service and to make the whole industry more transparent for customers.

Fair Binary Options Reviews

We have done all in our power to improve the transparency of individual binary options review in order to make sure traders get the relevant information as described above. Apart from the binary options review seals and awards we incorporated in our broker opinions, traders can read about special features these brokers offer, their trading platform, bonuses, deposits, withdrawals and more! All the relevant info we compiled in our binary options review pages is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Binary Options Complaints

It is important to keep in mind that when you browse the Internet you will find negative reviews about brokers from angry traders who lost their money. When trading binary options, there is a risk involved and bad reviews that stem from angry traders are not of any use to anyone. It is important to remain objective and correctly assess the level of service a broker offers.

Competitors or individuals who are annoyed that they lost their money may have written negative reviews even if they traded with the best binary options brokers. On our site, you will always find positive reviews since we do not list bad brokers. However, we point out if we have found anything negative to say about any of the binary options brokers. For brokers that are to be avoided, see the Blacklisted brokers page.

Binary Options Reviews – Blacklisted brokers

Sometimes traders turn to us if they have had some problems with brokers. In cases when issues are not resolved with a fair result, and the broker has clearly caused damages to the customer, we will blacklist the broker. If traders have any questions about our binary options review or complaints, we invite them to contact us via the Contact page on Fair Binary Options .

We review the brokers on a regular basis to assure they live up to our high standards at all times. We recommend you only trade with brokers found on this site to avoid any unpleasant experiences and problems with cash-outs. EZTrader & NRG Binary have been removed permanently from our broker list, along with other brands that were found to be fraud. These are not the best binary options brokers for sure! You can find our Blacklisted binary brokers here. with full explanations why these scammers were removed from our list.

Find a Binary Options Broker No Matter from Which Country You Are Coming From!

We are working hard to bring the best platforms to traders in each country trough our network of 16 localized websites. So go ahead and chaose your language in the top right corner. We have covered most of the european markets and New Zealand in order to become better at providing specialized content to customers from those countries.

US Binary Options Brokers and Brokers from Down Under

ASIC is the regulatory body in Australia and we try to obey by their regulation, meaning we will only recommend brokers regulated by them to our Australian customers. One of the most popular such brokers is HighLow. US binary options traders can use Nadex that support accounts from the United States.

Visitors from other countries can choose their own language in the upper right corner of their website to get the website in their own language and to see a selection of brokers that offer best trading platform and customers support for their country. We are investing a lot of time in our localized versions in effort to bring the best experience to all users.

Medical Billing From Home – What It Is And What It Pays

Medical billing jobs from homeMany readers ask me about medical billing from home, so today I’ve done the research to help you understand exactly what it is, what it pays, and — most important — how to dodge the many scam opportunities you might come across when seeking out this type of job.

While medical billing is totally for real and many people are able to make a decent living from home doing it, it definitely doesn’t count as entry-level work.

Medical Billing From Home Scams

The first thing you should know about the work from home medical billing “opportunities” you might find online is that many of these are not actually work at home jobs. but rather someone trying to sell you information on how to start your own medical billing business.

Why is this misleading? It is because the advertisements make it sound as though you are going to work for someone, or for a company, rather than just paying for information that may or may not even help you.

With that said, you can get paid to do medical billing from home, but as mentioned above, it’s not nearly as easy to get started as many scammers would have you believe.

What Does a Medical Biller Do?

Medical billing involves billing insurance companies for healthcare services provided, billing patients, sending claims to insurance companies, and appealing claims denials, among other things.

To do the job, you’ll need to have an understanding of medical terminology, human anatomy, and the medical coding system. You will need to know how to type. Customer service skills are also very important because chances are good you’ll be on the phone frequently with doctor’s offices, insurance companies, etc. once you start working.

How Much Do Medical Billers Make?

Is Training Necessary?

You do need some training to get started and while there are several schools you can use for the training, it’s best if you stick with one that is accredited. Many vocational schools do offer medical billing courses which can take as little as nine months or as long as two years to complete, and some of these also offer help with job placement just out of school.

You will not be able to find a business that will hire you for medical billing unless you have either had some schooling or past work experience.

Where Can You Go For Training?

It might not be a bad idea to check around in your local area for a college or tech/vocational school with a medical billing program. These schools may additionally have options for you to complete your courses online or mostly online.

CareerStep also has online training for aspiring medical billers/coders and they are widely recommended, plus they have flexible payment plans that make it really easy for anyone to afford it. Many companies are quick to hire CareerStep graduates. This is the company I always refer readers to when they ask me about reputable online training for medical billing from home.

Is Medical Billing 100 Percent Home-based?

What you will find when you begin looking for medical billing jobs from home is that most doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and insurance companies that hire medical billers do not offer a work from home option to start. In most cases you will not be able to work from home until you’ve worked onsite for a certain period of time.

Once you prove yourself working onsite, you may then be given permission to do the work from home.

If you are getting into medical billing primarily because you want a work from home career, keep in mind that there are some companies out there that may never be willing to let you work from home. You will need to check and make sure that the potential to work from home at some point is there before agreeing to employment if that is important to you.

Starting Your Own Medical Billing Business

Many work from home medical billers do run their own home businesses. You can either attempt to dive right into this after getting the schooling you need, or you can take time to work under someone else first before trying to go it alone.

As with any home business, there will be some start up expenses. These will include home office equipment, a business license, medical billing software, reference books, and more. However, medical billing is something that there will likely always be a need for since health care is always in demand, so if you go about things the right way, you may be able to do well with your home business.

More Information

Want to dig deeper into this? Here are some great resources I found online:

Do you have some knowledge or experience in this field? Please share!

And Ive been working in the medical filed for 13 years and i;m ready to start working from home. How can i go about doing that?

jenny loud says


Jenny, Have you checked my job leads page? This is where I post all the companies that are currently hiring –