Do REAL Home Assembly Jobs (With No Startup Fees) Exist

Work from home assembling

You’re searching for a legitimate home based job that doesn’t require money upfront.

But it’s no easy task.

Home assembly jobs seem like a great way to go because they are simple, easy, and allow you to work from the comfort of your own home. It makes sense!

I mean, why wouldn’t companies pay people to take on menial tasks for them, rather than pay an in-house employee right? It looks like a mutually beneficial gig.

Unfortunately though, most of these so called “jobs” are fake and the only people getting paid, are the scammers running them.

Bold claim, I know. But I have good reason for saying this as I’m about to explain.

How Do Home Assembly Jobs Work?

Assuming you can find a real one, the way these jobs work is simple- companies pay you to assemble products for them.

These products range from CD cases, picture frames, and all kinds of jewellery and craft related items like dolls, bracelets and bookmarks etc. Craft and jewellery based products are among the most popular in this space.

In most cases, you have to pay these companies somewhere between $50-$100 for a ‘starter kit’ which they mail to your address. This includes some training on getting started, some materials and in some cases, samples so you know what to model after. After a week or so, you receive this pack in the mail and you can begin assembling.

Once you’ve assembled the products, you then send these back to the company who inspect them to make sure you have done a good job. If the product meets their specifications, you get paid an agreed amount which is higher than the cost of the materials you purchased with your starter kit. Makes sense.

All going well, you could make some extra cash this way. More often than not… things don’t go so well.

Startup Fees vs Startup Costs

Many companies operating in this space know people are skeptical of upfront costs, which is why they take a much less obvious approach when it comes to what fees they charge. How so?

While I was doing my research, I came across an advertorial style blog post for one of the most popular companies in this space called ‘Titan Chains’. They know people are skeptical of having to buy a starter kit, so they cleverly re-word things:

Work from home assembling

So, there are no upfront fees. but you’ve still gotta pay to start the job? Yep.

On one hand, they don’t charge you money for a starter kit because they say they are not scammers. But on the other hand, they DO charge you for a “training kit”. Hmmm….

This is exactly the same thing as buying a starter kit, they are just ‘framing’ it differently to suite their marketing purposes. Whichever way you look at it, you must pay this company money to start their job. Plain and simple.

Titan Chains is now defunct for whatever reason, and I am not suggesting they were a scam. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. I can’t say for sure. It’s old news now.

The reason I’m showing you this, is because it’s a common marketing tactic among other websites in this space and is something to be mindful of when you are weighing these things up.

Are there any companies out there that don’t charge fees to get started?

There may be, but not that I could find.

Some cost more than others, some word things differently, but all of the ones I found charge you to get started. It’s easy to justify this though, since they are sending you raw materials. If you were a company employee, then this is not justifiable. But since you are technically ‘self employed’ they can justify this. Which makes it a dice roll.

So, are there any legitimate opportunities within this space?

I haven’t been through every single company for obvious reasons. However, based on my research, legit sites in this space are few and far between.

The Mark of a Home Assembly Job Scam

Scammers make the bulk of their money off the back of people looking for a job as oppose to selling finished products on the open market as they claim.

There are two main types of scams in this space: blatant and elaborate.

The most blatant type of scam with these jobs is where the people behind it simply take your money once you purchase the starter kit. You give them your money, and they take it! Pretty sweet deal for those assholes.

Within several months, once enough people complain online, they shut their website down and start a new one. Welcome to the internet. This crap happens ALL the time and it’s incredible how easily they get away with it. The majority of people running these sites are anonymous so they can do this over and over again with little to no repercussion.

Hence, this is why many people will not pay money upfront and why scammers need to switch things up to keep thier game running.

This is where the majority of the more popular scams reside in this space. It’s less obvious, yet equally as dubious.

How does it work?

You get your starter kit, follow the instructions carefully, and send the assembled product back to the company. You’ve fulfilled your end of the deal as best as anyone could. You are now waiting to be paid by the company.

But instead of getting paid… you get told you did a sh#t job and won’t be getting paid.

This is very common among these websites.

No matter how precise you followed their instructions and no matter how much effort you put in, it’s never good enough. Many people work second jobs doing this and quite literally come home after a long day, slave away for hours and after assembling a ton of product, make zero dollars.

Don’t worry, they cover themselves within the fine print! When you sign up, you agree (often without even realizing) that you do not get paid if the work is deemed ‘unsatisfactory’ by the company.

But if they did this for everyone, all the time, this would still be too obvious.

So, rather than obviously rejecting everything that comes in, they only reject a certain number of these which allows them to fly right under the radar and continue selling new starter kits to hopefuls.

If you’ve got some people making money, the scam is going to be a lot more believable, especially when they hire people for pennies on the dollar to comment on various forums, blog posts and social media channels posing as real people.

Sounds elaborate right? That’s because it is.

This is a business, and scammers stand to make a boatload of cash ripping people off this way.

Does this mean that ALL of these sites just scams? There may very well be some legitimate jobs within this space, yes. But it’s a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The honest ones are few and far between like most work from home programs.

Can You Trust Home Assembly Job Directories?

To compile this issue, there are sketchy ‘directory websites’ looking to cash in on this stuff too. Again, some may be legit, but some are clearly questionable.

One website I found is called American Diversified Publications which supposedly gives people a directory of legitimate assembly jobs:

Work from home assembling

Turns out it’s not free.

They charge people $39 for these job directories. In itself, that’s fine if it really is a legitimate directory. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. I didn’t buy it because I personally don’t trust it nor do I want it. I did do some research though, and found there were a number of complaints on the BBB website regarding this company.

Granted, there are only 15 complaints as of writing this, but ALL of them are negative, and all have many people listing the reviews as ‘helpful’ which means many other people agree.

Again, I didn’t purchase their ‘list’ myself so I can’t say for sure how good it is.

I am very skeptical when it comes to buying directories from sites online since (almost always) that same information is freely available, and compiled together, for anyone to use.

For example, created a list of 250 home assembly jobs which anyone can view. Apart from posting a pretty well useless “jobs list”, that site does appear to be legitimate. They are not promoting any of those companies and even posted this warning under the list:

I do NOT recommend joining any of those without extreme caution, if at all. I just wanted to show you how easy it is to get a directory of sites. I am sure there are many more out there.

Either way, it’s not worth paying to find out unless you know they are the real deal.

Final Thoughts

If you do happen to find a legitimate home based assembly job, good and well. In most cases however, these jobs are scams and should be avoided completely.

At best, they can be very time intensive and not very financially rewarding all things considered.

If you like assembling craft items, a much better idea is to create a free account at a site like Etsy or Amazon Handmade. Of course, there’s no guarantee you will make money this way either. But at least you aren’t signing up for some scam, you are creating real products that you can sell for a very real profit.

If you are buying the raw materials, and going to all the effort to make the products, why not cut out the middle man and sell them yourself! I’m not into crafts myself, but that’s definitely what I would do over messing with these so called jobs. There is more time and effort involved since you are building a business, but you can make a lot more money doing this.

I hope this article has been helpful, chime in below if you have something to share!

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